All proceeds from the store go to caring for the animals and making improvements to the land.  All items are handmade and unique.  Please message us for ordering or email us at  We can take cash, checks, credit, debit or PayPal.

Fangthorn Forest is now offering gift certificates!!! These can be used for day trips (and playing with the animals), camping, produce, or any product from our store. Please contact us if interested or if you have questions.

We are currently taking pre-orders for fresh paw paws.  These do not last long so pre-ordering is the best way to insure you get what you need.  Please contact us if interested. 

Fresh Paw Paws are $8 a pound 

Fresh Elderberries are $10 a pound  (de-stemmed) 

Frozen paw paw pulp is available at any time during the year for $10 a pound.  Absolutely delicious for bread or cake! 

Elderberry juice (100% juice) is also available at any time during the year for $10 a pint.  Juice is available canned or frozen and is a perfect antioxidant in smoothies or homemade tonics..

Black Gold!  Alpaca beans are the best nutrients you can use on houseplants and gardens.  Will not burn plants even when fresh.  Just put a bag of beans in a gallon of water and water your plants as normal.  Then sit back and watch them flourish!  Larger sizes are available for gardens.  Can also be used straight out of the bag to mix with soil and help aerate as well as fertilize!

$3.00 a bag or 4 for $10.00

Larger sizes available on request.

Raw fleece is available from our llama and alpacas starting at $20.00 a pound.  Please contact us for more information.

Nature Goddess:  needle felted from sheep's wool.  $30.00

Lovely purple tatted and beaded necklace.  $45.00

Alpaca Wool Scarf:  7 feet long, lightweight, warm and oh, so soft!  $35.00

Gull Wing Shawl: acrylic, navy with gold metallic thread, beautiful open lacework, perfect for a special night out!  $40.00

Multi-colored diagonal knit scarf.  Soft acrylic so it can be machine washed and dried.  $15.00

Purple, open lace, acrylic triangle shawl.  Machine washable.  $25.00

Brown and red, acrylic, triangle shawl. $20.00

Soft and fuzzy acrylic, triangle shawl. $20.00

Honestly, when I first started using my shampoo bars, I wasn't sure I liked them. My hair didn't feel the same when I washed it, but since I was making them, I thought I really should be using them. Now I love them! I don't need to use a conditioner, my hair is more manageable, it combs out easily and I have about half the hair in my comb that I did when I used regular shampoo. They may not be the prettiest shampoo/soap bars around, but I know from personal experience that they are totally awesome!  They are also great as a conditioning soap bar!

Oval Bar: $5                                          Square Bar: $8                             Bargain bar (13 oz uncut):  $10

Hand knit socks.  Machine washable nylon.  $25