We have an outstanding offering of Dexter and Scottish Highland cattle. Those that are for sale will have a price in the description.


Most of our cows are very friendly and welcome a treat or a scratch.  They are available for photos or - what we like to call - cow therapy..

Taurus: b. 2016, herdsire, purebred Scottish Highland bull.  Unregistered.  Midsize bull, standiing at 48".  Breeding fees: $100 per month per cow at our farm or $200/month for herd breeding at yours.  Throws superb calves!

Goldie:  herd matriarch, purebread Scottish Highland.  Goldie boasts an impressive 48 inch horn span!

Blondie:  b. 2014. Dam; Goldie, Sire; some unknown Charolais.  Half Scottish Highland cow.  Good disposition.  Very big!   $1500

Sophie: b. 2016.  Dam; Goldie Sire; Sven. Sophie is a miniature, primarily Scottish Highland, cow with her paternal great grandsire being a skeleton in the closet.   

Woosie: b 2018, purebred, registered Dexter cow. Trained milk cow.  Excellent disposition. Loves her scratches and treats!  .

Brownie: b 2018. Purebred Dexter cow. Great coloring and sweet disposition.  In training as a milk cow.

Talea (foreground): b 2018. Purebred Dexter heifer.  Loves treats and scratches

Harley Quin: b 2020. Dam; Sophie, Sire; Taurus.  Harley is our farm mascot.  She is a halter trained, very friendly, miniature Scottish HIghland heifer.  Maternal great grandsire's genetics are strong in this one! 

Identical twins Remus and Romulus: b 8/4/21. Dam; Talea, Sire; Taurus. Scottish Highland/Dexter cross. Will be available February 2022. $1000 each or $1800 for both.

Serendipity: b 3/1/22. Dam; Blondie, Sire; Taurus. 3/4 Scottish Highland, 1/4 Charolais. Beautiful deep red heifer. Will be standard size. $1800