Even though we don't ride our horses, they are friendly and love to be groomed.  They are also available for photo sessions.

This is Buster Brown.  He is one of our rescues and the oldest horse on the farm.  He had a torn stifle that never healed properly so he just became a big pet!

Jet is one of our rescues.  He has a congenital condition known as ringbone and his previous owners were planning to have him slaughtered.  We're very happy they were willing to give him to us.  

Precious Victory (Precious) is a registered Arabian.  As you can see, she makes a great picture prop!

Kabastas Rose (Rosie) was born on the farm and is 7/8 Arabian and 1/8 Quarter Horse.  We think her coloring is perfect!

Danik'China (Hopi for Cloud Dancer) was born here at the farm and is half Arabian and half Appaloosa.