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Cow therapy with Harley Quin

   Introducing new twin bull           calves, Remus and Romulus (I    can only tell them apart when    they're side by side). 

   Born  8/3/21

Fangthorn Forest is a family owned, 40 acre farm about 50 miles SE of Kansas City, MO.  It is our mission to care for the land and animals to the best of our ability. 

While we are not an actual rescue facility, many of our animals are rescues and we work as hard as we can to care for, or place any animal in need.

The farm offers a wide range of livestock, produce, products and services.  We have areas available for small events of less than 50 people, such as weddings, retreats, camping, parties, family picnics, or just getting away.

Wooded Trail

We are also very proud to be the home of Harley Quin, the sweetest most affectionate Scottish Highland heifer you could ever wish to meet!  She was born in May of 2020 and is only 33" in height!  She is quite a hit with farm visitors.